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I married my best friend in the entire world and at this point in our almost 6 years of marriage we have rolled with more punches than most, but that's what we were called to and we pray God gets all the glory.

We have 3 littles, 3, 2, & 1.

They are the best handful that you ever have seen.

A lady told us just today as we stood in line to meet Anna & Elsa,
"Wow y'all have your hands full literally and figuratively!"
Yes, yes we do.

I created this as a place to share about life and journal throughout the years.
It has turned into a lot more than that and I am so excited about it.

People tell me to niche down in the business world and that is hard for the dreamer side of me.
I have learned that while it's important, so is doing what you are called to and sharing where you are at while you are there so that people can come along the crazy ride with you.

My niche... is life... and motherhood...and all the things.
Can any mom here please tell me if they could niche down their brain?
Hashtag: 10 Billion Thoughts WE HAVE TO THINK A MINUTE!
There's no niche-ing down my brain. But I try...sometimes...well sort of

3 years ago my husband was diagnosed with leukemia and my oldest was 4 months old.
My world turned UP-SIDE-DOWN!

My husband did great in treatment and we both learned a lot, grew, and continued growing our little family.

Nearly 3 months ago he had a relapse. He went through another round of chemo and is set to go through a stem cell transplant in December.

We are not looking forward to it, but we are ready for his body to be healed and this nasty disease that keeps rearing it's ugly head to be eradicated from his body.

We have been so blessed by so many of the church body and I can't even begin to tell you how God has used His people to bless and love on our family.

I don't take it for granted and I don't count it as something to take lightly.

As we have walked this ridiculously windy path, I continually learn to be open to new things, trust only in the Lord, and allow my husband to lead. Today I had a moment of understanding and of wanting this thing I couldn't grasp.

I wanted this uninhibited freedom to serve the Lord,
passionately chase after my dreams (the ones I pray hard about, work like crazy for, and trust that God's promises are true for).
I felt this strange pressure to pray, sing, walk, wife, and mother in a certain way.

That pressure is over. I have a goal of using this space to say, do, think, act exactly how I am called to regardless of how the world says a "worship pastor's wife is supposed to act."

I am called to encourage moms.

I am called to stir up the weirdies and bring them along in the crazy-fun parts of being exactly who God divinely designed them to be.

I am called to love and serve my people, well.

I am called to live out my struggles honestly, openly, and truthfully,
so that others can see that in the midst of chaos and suffering...

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